Located in beautiful Chicago, IL., Mac Dynamite is a small, employee-owned mobile kitchen company that specializes in mac and cheese. We pride ourselves on crafting unique variations of the comfort food you know & love, infused with a spicy KICK! Our commitment is to support—and collaborate with—other local Chicago businesses, charities, and non-profits. We source local ingredients whenever possible, and it’s our passion to offer great food and awesome service from the heart. That's what makes us DYN-A-MITE!

Our Dynamite Mobile Kitchen mac bar is available for catering at any type of event; from your brewery's next pop up, to your wedding celebration or late-night after party. You can use one of our existing recipes, or our chefs can work with you to create a custom Mac Dynamite Bar of your very own! You can also find us at the Lakeview Kitchen and Market, located at 3109 North Broadway Chicago, IL. (next to The Bagel). Additionally, Mac Dynamite is featured at many events, local taprooms, pop-ups, and competitions around the Chicago area throughout the year.

See y’all on the playground, cheers!

How our original mac and cheese recipe came to be

Mac Dynamite was born out of Chef Eric's desire to bring delicious, hand-crafted food to local barbecues instead of the traditional alcohol or bag of chips. The passion for mac and cheese stems from an episode of "Good Eats" with Alton Brown, in which he crafts a mouth-watering mac and cheese recipe.

After Chef Eric used his roommates as guinea pigs, he settled on a truly tantalizing recipe all his own. In 2009, he took his first batch to a monthly barbecue/dance party called "Sunday Brunchlox.” The mac was a bona fide hit, and for the next 3 years he continued to make it for each monthly party. Whenever Eric walked in, people would cheer and line up with their plates and forks.

Jeffrey was one of those people who tasted Eric's unique and delicious creations. A seasoned hospitality veteran at five-star hotels (Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Park Hyatt) coupled with a passion for cooking developed through countless days spent in his Eastern European grandparents kitchen, he knew that there was something more to this not-so-simple comfort food.

After winning multiple awards at local competitions around Chicago, teaming up with accomplished Pastry Chef Virginia (Kendall College, Ritz-Carlton-Four Seasons, Hoosier Mama Pie), and elevating the recipe to the next level, Mac Dynamite was born.

Team Mac Dynamite! From left to right: Eric, Jeffrey, & Virginia

Team Mac Dynamite! From left to right: Eric, Jeffrey, & Virginia